11 May 2017

by Admin

Whatsapp Marketing
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How to update the public on your business promotions and roadshows by using Bulk Whatsapp

Location advertising is the new solution business use to target audiences that would be relevant.
Imagine being able to announce promotional messages about your roadshow/promotion to only audiences in the area. Thus minimizing the wastage of coverage on customers that might not be interested.

Studies have shown that messages that are personalized will offer greater engagement than its traditional equivalent. A personalized promotion message would offer greater relevance and thus increase its effectiveness.

For example if you have a roadshow coming up in Mid Valley and you want as many people to attend as possible. A traditional form of advertising would blast the message to everyone and hoping it would catch their interest.
But with location advertising, you are able to select specifically people living around Klang Valley and increase the likeliness of them attending.

Choosing your target audiences is crucial, it helps your business to market it more efficiently. When the target is specific it reduces the chances of wastage of coverage from people ignoring as they find it irrelevant to them. Therefore resulting in less time and money wasted from sending them.

Choosing your target market would also mean that you are able to choose your demographics like race, age and gender.

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