Premium SMS/ 2 Way SMS

16 Feb 2017

by admin

Premium SMS
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Why 2 way SMS

2 way SMS is what we like to call premium SMS. Two way SMS works by using keywords and short codes to deliver text messages to mobile phone users. It is different from traditional SMS as it requires users to send a per-determined keywords to short codes like 66555 to receive a reply.

2 way SMS allows business the opportunity to provide their customers genuine text communications whereby it was not possible before. 2 way sms have become a staple choice for business send customers and their staff updates and receive feedback from them. In business today, 2 way SMS have become the number 1 medium to deliver a message like appointments reminder, support inquiry, and purchases.

2 Way SMS can give marketing campaigns a boost compared to traditional text messages. It gives business the tools they need to better reach the specific target audience while also creating an interactive conversation. These would inspire business to start a 2 way dialogue with its customers and create a previously impossible levels of engagement.