26 Feb 2017

by Admin

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Why do you need more than one social media marketing method.

Marketing is not about using a method effectively but many methods simultaneously. Marketeers always try to find a perfect way to increase its sales but however the truth is by using one method, it never works.

Using multiple methods in marketing is important as we need to be where our customers are and they are everywhere! Customers have more choices than ever on where to get their information, therefore marketeers have to be there in these channels in order to be seen. Below are the few methods marketeers need to achieve their campaign goals.

The first goal of any marketing campaign is to increase the awareness of the products/services. How this can be done is by using methods that can send messages to the many at a cost effective rate. The example of tools that are perfect for these are Bulk SMS and Whatsapp marketing. Bulk SMS allows business to provide information/awareness to the masses. Bulk SMS provides business an easy platform to send text messages to the public at a very low cost and through a channel with the highest read rates. Whatsapp marketing is similar with bulk SMS but allows business to send messages to a more specific demographic like age group, gender, race and location.

The next goal would be to Get Response! Thanks to the amount of choices and channels customers have, delivering the right message to the right audiences is not enough. Not only must your customers receive your message, but they also must be attentive and have the willingness to act or response. Thats why there are 2 way SMS’s which allows the immediate response of customers and also participation in their marketing campaign.

After getting the response from the customers, business need to make sure that they are attentive and responsive towards their customers as research have shown that customers expects responses as soon as a day and their interest in the product/services drops with every minute that passes by. Which is why messaging bot were introduced, so that business can reply their customers immediately without the need of being there.

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