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6 May 2017

by Admin

Facebook Messenger Bot
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Why your business need a Facebook Auto Reply

More and more people are using messaging app, in fact looking at the numbers its surprising to find out that messaging apps have surpassed social media networks. In 2015 the monthly usage of the top 4 messaging apps have already surpassed the usage of the 4 of social media network apps. Users around the world are using messaging apps not only to chat but connect with brands.

My point would be that we as business need to be there in the places where our customers are having their conversations. Aside from just advertising through Facebook page we need to be reactive and responsive to the customers queries. Statistics have shown that on average customers expects to be replied within the day itself and the response time is directly corresponding to the factor of purchase, whereby 50% reported to go for business they can engage with.

Take for example I was driving past an advertisement about the new Honda, and I reached out to them through messenger. If they were late in replying my queries I would have gone and searched elsewhere and would perhaps go for another brand that showed interest in my questions.

What I am trying to say is if you give business a platform to have questions asked and overcome its customers doubts it would definitely increase its sales rate as a large portion of our society often have questions and would prefer quicker responses.