Banner Ads

10 Jan 2017

by Admin

Banner Ads
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Does banner advertising works?

You might have asked yourself, do I really need banner ads? Do they even work? Here are some reasons why they can be a great marketing tool for your business.

Banner ads are basically just hyperlink that are built into graphics. Whereby when the user click onto the graphics, the hyperlink will redirect the users to a website related to the banner ad. So how does banner ads benefit business?

Firstly banner ads are very cost effective. You only pay for the number of impressions (the amount of times the ads are shown) and not a hefty upfront payment. Therefore this allows you the ability to test and measure the effectiveness of the ad without spending a single cent of your bank account.

Banner ads are also more attractive whereby it touches more than one sensory points of the audience as it incorporates both visual and text aspects. Users can read the message on the ad while being able to look at the visual representations.

Therefore, increasing recognition, interest and most of all, actions.

Below are some statistics that shows the effectiveness of Ad banners
1. 300% increase in site visitation
2. 130% increase in brand searches
3. 64% increase in brand favorability
4. 44% increase in purchase intent
5. 26% increase in aided brand recall