What is Facebook Messenger Bot?

What is Facebook Messenger Bot


It takes months to find a customer but only minutes to lose one. In a competitive business environment,
every minutes of unresponsiveness towards your customers increases the risk of them seeking elsewhere.
Imagine a system that is able to answer and provide information to your clientele independently without
requiring a sale personals
there 24/7 replying to their every need. With Facebook Messenger Bot we are
able to provide your company the competitive advantage through timely responses that are able to generate
to retain and attract new customers.

How Allie come in?

Click on the messenger app
1. Click on the messenger app
Search the company's name
2. Search the company's "name"
Allie will be there to assist you
3. And Allie will be there to assist you!

Difference between FB Fanpage and Allie

Difference between FB Fanpage and Allie

What can We Provide?

An automated response system

An automated response system
We provide a fully programmable interface with pre-defined answers that would be able to serve your customers needs without you being there.

A Proactive Channel to Update your Clients

A proactive channel to update your clients
As soon as your customers initiated the enquiry they are automatically a subscriber and you are able to proactively send updates and promotions to them in the future.

A Uniquely Customizable Voucher Code to your Customers

A uniquely customizable voucher code to your customers
Through the messenger itself, we offer your business a platform that allows your customer to be able to participate in contests and receive uniquely customizable voucher code.

Allows the automated schedulling of appointments

Allows the automated schedulling of appointments/reservation
This allows customers to have a seamless experience in making appointments. The automated system will also ensure no clashes from happening.

Allows the Integration of Third party Applications

Allows the integration of third party applications
The platform allows business to incorporate locations via third party application such as Google Maps and waze. Potential consumers are able to get directions to the business locations instantaneously.

Aquisition of Leads

Aquisition of leads
The platform allows business to integrate registrations of information via forms/ websites which in turn allows business to generate leads. Business would be able to show the demographics factors of its potential customers.

How it works?

There are 4 ways that would lead consumers to the
Messanging platform.